The Great Wiring Battle: Part 1!

Today was the first day in the great battle for the Wiring Harness. Today’s work focused on the rear half of the bike, sorting wires, connectors, and items according to the wiring diagram and my own wiring break-down. I traced everything I could, unwrapped electrical-taped jumbles, and labeled everything in sight with identifying tags for later soldering work.

The rear tail-lights are aftermarket, and as such have an inexplicable third wire I have to figure out. (I think its a “always on when the bike’s on” wire)

Add to that splices everywhere, bridges where wires were cut for no apparent reason and patched back together, and wires put together that had no business going together according to the diagram. This thing was a mess!

Fortunately I had the wiring diagram to go by, so I instantly had something to refer to when seeing a wire that seemed out of place.

Sometime later I’ll do continuity testing to ensure no wires are cut elsewhere, but for now its soldering, heat-shrink wrapping, and other clean-up work next.


Author: MotoSquirrel

Motorcyclist, bike lover, overall nerd.

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