Work on the Suzuki and other things

Ongoing Suzuki Work!

Cd2H8DpVAAQYJen.jpg large

Well, after stripping down the brakes on the GS500, I’ve discovered that both the front and rear calipers look like they’ve had it. The rear caliper (pictured above) is a ground-out rusted mess (but the pads looked ok, go figure), while the front looks like the pistons have seized in the extended position after wrecking the inner pad and obliterating the rear pad entirely. Definitely not good, but I’ll check with my Motorcycle Mechanic friend and consult my manual. The rotors look ok, fortunately, however they may still need to be replaced. (hooray for me)

Hopefully within the next week or so I’ll be ordering the new ignition, tank, and seat key set that I’ve been eyeing on Ebay (if it hasn’t sold yet).

The wiring harness work is coming up as well. Continuity testing, soldering, heat-shrinking, and rigging will all be done at the same to save my sanity. Some parts may need to be replaced, but hopefully things won’t get too bad.

U.S. Import News!

2016 marks the release of CSC’s RC3 (no production name, unlike their Cyclone), and I have to admit, if this is Zongshen taking the plunge and hopping into the American market, things look amazing!

The CSC Blog announcement of the RC3

The Order page for the RC3

The CSC RC3 Stats:

CSC RC3 Specs

I really do think this might be a break-out hit in America if Zongshen can overcome the stigma of “China” by maintaining quality levels. Most Chinese bikes suffer from quality issues throughout their production, however CSC and Zongshen pledge that quality is a big selling point of this and other CSC bikes both now and in future products. If this is true, I may just have to buy one at some point!


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