Major update!

After continuous issues with the wiring harness, I decided to replace the wiring harness with a replacement. I also worked out how to rewire an aftermarket switch, that claimed to work for my bike, so that it actually worked like it was supposed to. With the help from my friend (pictured above),  we ensured everything worked properly before I began installing it all into the bike.

The old harness was a corroded mess, with connectors that literally disintegrated as I was unhooking everything. Some of the connectors we can salvage for the new connection parts, but others we will have to hard-wire in. I also discovered an engine ground that wasn’t  connected at all (What? Why?!?), so that’s a definite fix that needs to be fixed in the final wiring. . .

The bike as it sits now:


Definitely close to finishing it!

All that’s left is:

  • Final wiring work
  • Brakes (Pads, possible replacement of components)
  • Tires (Front and Back)
  • Possibly a Cafe style seat after the bike is running and riding

Keep an eye out for updates!