Post surgery update!

After my surgery at the VA Hospital, I am going to be bringing the bike back home from the friend’s house.


Just before the surgery, my friend and I did a lot of work on it, including fixing the exhaust system, and testing every end of the wiring harness. The good news is that power is moving around the harness freely. The bad news is that there’s another very determined gremlin still lurking within the electrical system. Its simply refusing to listen to any of the controls. No lights, no horn, no blinkers (power to them, but the blinkers are unhooked), and no starting. The handlebar controls may have to be replaced entirely. Which I’m not happy about, in the slightest.

I’m looking at selling it and buying something else, but we’ll see.

More updates later. . .


Author: MotoSquirrel

Motorcyclist, bike lover, overall nerd.

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