Choosing the Bike II: Other options

The New:


2016 RX3 Cyclone

Another option for consideration in the beginner bike hunt: the CSC RX3. A recent new-comer to the US Market, built by Zongshen Heavy Industries and imported by CSC, the RX3 is a bike that is taking small-displacement motorcycling by storm. With a plethora of accessories available from the dealer, this definitely is a bike that catches my interest. . .

ENGINE: 250cc
MSRP: $3,895.00 + Assembly and other fees

The Used:


Kawasaki Ninja 250

Regularly found in the used market for around $2,000 or less, the Ninja 250 is an excellent and solid choice.


Buell Blast

A compact, yet sturdy option for a new rider, regularly found for around $2,000 on the used market. While having a shaky history of reliability and support, the Blast offers unique cred with cheap prices.


Other Musings

While I continue hunting for solid employment, I continue to build my checklist for my future motorcycle ownership:

  1. Get a solid job. Work every hour you can. Save every penny.
  2. Any bike you want to own, be sure to do your research. Find a forum, a dealer, or another owner of that bike that you can trust so you can learn everything you can about the pros and cons of ownership.
  3. Take a friend with you to help you determine if you’re getting a good deal. Never go alone to look at any bike, both for your safety and to prevent impulse-buying.
  4. Strip out unnecessary clutter in your life. Sell what you can and save your earnings; every little bit helps.
  5. Create a relationship with local shops, a good professional relationship can save you both time and money later on when things go wrong with your bike.
  6. Buy good gear. Cheap gear may seem ok at the beginning, but when you inevitably go down, it won’t be there to keep you as safe as the slightly more expensive gear might.
  7. Any bike you buy needs to be gone over thoroughly, even if its new. Double-check every nut, bolt, and plug to ensure you’re riding the safest bike possible.
  8. Hospital bills are expensive, don’t skimp on insurance.
  9. R.Y.O.R. (Ride Your Own Ride) Don’t allow other people to tell you how you should be riding. Ride your bike in a manner that you think is safe. Its your life. As Todd Cox, from the Wheelnerds podcast, exclaimed emphatically: “Ride your own goddamned ride!”
  10. Practice riding.
  11. Practice even more. There’s no shame in remaining in parking lots and neighborhoods until you feel more confident. Drivers can be very careless, so the more experience you have with your bike, the less likely you are to become road-kill.
  12. The best defense on a bike is not a good offence. That kind of thinking can get you killed. While distancing yourself from other drivers is a laudable goal, reckless and aggressive riding can get you killed faster than driving like a granny. Excessive speed and hole-shotting cars are a great way to hasten the arrival of the Grim Reaper.

More to be added as I think of them. . .

Ride safe, everybody!


Author: MotoSquirrel

Motorcyclist, bike lover, overall nerd.

2 thoughts on “Choosing the Bike II: Other options”

  1. CSC is a re-badged Zongshen motorcycle. Again I’d stay away from Chinese motorcycles until both China and the United States agree on a quality standard that suffices.


    1. Very true, however I would like to point out that Zongshen themselves have sworn to keep the quality as high as possible. They seem to understand the stigma attached to Chinese products, and as such, are trying to break the trend with their bikes. We will see what happens. . .


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