Choosing The Bike IV: The End Is In Sight

Well ladies and gentlemen, the end is in sight. I have had contact with a fine gentleman who has heard my story and followed my quest, and he has offered me a chance to own one of my Top Five bikes: The Gen1 Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit.

sale misfit
The Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit (Gen1) being offered

The owner of the bike and I have spoken a few times in the past regarding this very bike and its sale to me, however at the time things were’nt right for me to even contemplate getting the bike, however now, with my proverbial ducks slowly coming into a row, I can now begin to plan for the future.

I questioned him at length regarding maintenance and upkeep in order to aviod my previous post’s argument: not buying someone else’s problem. He has assured me of the following:

  1. He has changed the fluids regularly.
  2. Regular maintenance has been preformed.
  3. When he parked it for storage, he drained the tank and ran it out of gas.
  4. He pulled the battery so it didn’t cause any other issues during storage.

Having spoken with him at length, I feel confident that I can say this bike will most likely not be another problem child.

More updates later!


Author: MotoSquirrel

Motorcyclist, bike lover, overall nerd.

2 thoughts on “Choosing The Bike IV: The End Is In Sight”

  1. No offense to the Cleveland motorcycle scene, but I would stay away from Chinese motorcycles until some sort of quality control is established by both nations.


    1. Perfectly understandable. This is a common concern cited by most riders regarding Chinese bikes. While I am uncertain if the CCW bikes come from China or Taiwan, I do correspond regularly with the Regional Head of Distributing (East Coast) for PIT Motors (the company that distributes the CCW), and I have also spoken with many, and I do mean many, owners of these bikes, and they assure me their quality is quite good. Most Chinese bikes (Like the Lifan and the Dong Fang) are indeed very crappy, some are true gems, like the CSC RX3 Cyclone made by Zongshen. From what I’ve been told by people in the industry, you literally get what you pay for with China. If you pay for excellence, you will get it, but if you cut corners and cost, the product will be garbage.


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